Sunday, February 15, 2009

Oh Goodness

I cannot believe time has slipped by so quickly!

Our office has been moved (I work as a part time rural mail carrier) and it has just totally turned my little world upside down. It has become a difficult transition for us all because they do not want us there and we do not want to be there. Our little two route office was moved into another two route office, one with a full time route opening so that has cause a lot of strife from the people already there. You see, the full time positions are filled "in house" by seniority and the woman who thought she'd be a shoo in for it suddenly is behind two others in seniority, me being one of them. To say the tension is high is an understatement. This woman is very hostile and it is taking its toll on us all.

Between that and my husband home and underfoot 24/7 since November I just cannot seem to get any traction to get back into the studio.

I did go in clean (boo!). I have such a mess in there from the holidays that I just keep trying to work over. Time to actually clean it up so that was what I did.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Valentine Card II

Gotta' love those cowgirls!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

One World-One Heart

Please, if you are here and see the logo for the OWOH, bookmark me until I decide what to put up and get it emailed to the hostess. I will make an announcement when I do.

In the meantime if you don't know about it, check it out! There are over 400 participating artists GIVING AWAY art and supplies that you can enter for! It is a lot of fun reading the blogs and seeing what others create. You can follow the links to their etsy or eBay stores and see even more.

It is a terrific idea I just learned of today and am excited to participate in! I love giving away art!!!

Greetings All!

I am not new to blogging as I have one elsewhere but I thought I would start one with just a focus on my art. This past year has brought about big changes in what I do. I went from painting to collage and even some sewing. Right now I am enjoying making collage cards and pictures but that could change in a heartbeat.

I love the color pink. I love horses and raise them. I love vintage cowgirl anything and old timey horse tack. I spend too much time dreaming and not enough doing which I am working on changing. With my kids almost out of school (last one graduates this year) I am finding myself a bit lost.

I decided this year I will put away all my stuff from the past and just focus on what I create today. No more "I shoulda' coulda's". Today is a new day.