Sunday, January 25, 2009

Greetings All!

I am not new to blogging as I have one elsewhere but I thought I would start one with just a focus on my art. This past year has brought about big changes in what I do. I went from painting to collage and even some sewing. Right now I am enjoying making collage cards and pictures but that could change in a heartbeat.

I love the color pink. I love horses and raise them. I love vintage cowgirl anything and old timey horse tack. I spend too much time dreaming and not enough doing which I am working on changing. With my kids almost out of school (last one graduates this year) I am finding myself a bit lost.

I decided this year I will put away all my stuff from the past and just focus on what I create today. No more "I shoulda' coulda's". Today is a new day.


  1. May God bless your efforts Cowgirl! I see many connections between animals and faith too. God 'speaks' to us in many languages: Divine Revelation, theology, natural beauty, people, music and animals. Some are just more aware (perceptive?) to one language than to the others.

    Anyway, I look forward to what I can learn from your learning from your equine friends.

    These transitions can be difficult but they also offer great opportunities. You are right in the bold, positive approach you are taking. 'This is the day which the LORD has made; Let us rejoice and be glad in it.' (Psalm 118:24)

    BTW, my daughters were crazy about horses when they were little. I suspect they still are but our current lifestyle doesn't allow much opportunity to act on that love. Still who knows?